What you will learn in this book:


Food choices that can help you feeling fuller for longer, without feeling deprived


Ways to eat and activities you can do to help control your hormones & how much you eat


Learning how & why certain things can make you more or less hungry. Knowledge is power!

About the Presenter

Michelle Dowker MSc, ND

Michelle Dowker is a wellness strategist, dietary advisor, and life habits coach

She has an educational background as a Naturopathic Doctor, with a Bachelor of Science in biomedical science and a Master of Science in human biology & nutritional science. She spent 6 years practicing as a licensed Naturopathic Doctor in British Columbia, Canada, before moving to her current home in Quebec, Canada.

Her mission is to provide reliable information, guidance, and inspiration to make simple changes; so you can get on with your life, and do the things you want and love.

She strongly believes that when you eat better and live better, you can FEEL BETTER. Making positive changes to how you eat and how you live doesn’t need to be complicated; you can do them one step at a time. Even a tiny change is better than none at all. The more you do, the better you will feel!