Discover a Better Way to Lose Weight

Without counting calories, feeling hungry, or using gimmicky products

A step-by-step, choose-your-level wellness program that will help you control your hormones & reduce inflammation so you can feel better and more confident in your clothes & your skin.

Are you confused & frustrated?

  • Maybe your favourite clothes aren’t fitting the way you’d like anymore, and you’re super confused as to why you’re gaining weight. You’re pretty sure you eat well and you try to exercise, so why are your clothes shrinking?

  • Maybe you’ve tried and tried all sorts of different ways to lose weight, but nothing seems to work for you, or you just end up gaining it all back…and more.

  • Maybe you’re trying really hard to follow a diet to help you lose weight, but you’re having a hard time sticking with it because you’re sooo hungry and the cravings are killing you.

  • Maybe you’re trying to gain an understanding of what to do to achieve the weight and level of wellness you want, but you’re just so overwhelmed with all the confusing, unreliable, and conflicting information out there.

What if I told you that IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT? 

That the age-old “Calories in, calories out” mentality of just cutting calories and working out more isn’t the answer. 

There's more to human physiology than that!

The question shouldn’t be “what’s wrong with me?”  

The question should be “what’s wrong with these weight-loss approaches?”

The problem is that typical weight-loss approaches don’t get to the root of the problem. 

What caused the unwanted weight gain in the first place?

The secret to effective, long-lasting weight-loss and weight management is 

balancing hormones and reducing inflammation

When these two things are addressed, weight naturally balances out, your energy tends to improve, and you just feel better overall.

So how to balance hormones and reduce inflammation? 

It may be surprising, but simple step-by-step changes to what, when, why, & how you eat and how you live can work wonders to make this possible. 

Without restricting how much food you eat, going hungry, or spending long grueling hours at the gym

It's possible to enjoy ample amounts of delicious food, feel energetic, and achieve your ideal weight easily and effortlessly.

Naturally find your ideal weight


  • Counting calories
  • Feeling hungry or deprived
  • Gimmicky diet products, pills, shakes, & bars
  • Spending long & grueling hours at the gym

So you can: 

  • Finally feel confident in your clothes
  • Discover the level of energy & wellness you desire
  • Enjoy plenty of delicious food that you know will help you maintain your physique & well-being

Even if: 

  • You love chocolate
  • You don't like working out
  • You've tried other things & they didn't work

So often I have heard from frustrated clients in my private practice that they've tried so hard to make healthy food choices to no avail. 

They think they're eating right, but they continue to gain weight. 

WHY? Because certain food choices aren’t working for their physiology, needs, & lifestyle. 

Each person might need something a little different in order to function optimally. Once they make some slight adjustments, things work SO MUCH BETTER.


Feeling confident in your food choices, knowing that you're making the best decision for your health & metabolism

Never feeling deprived or hungry

Having full control over your appetite and food cravings

Proudly wearing your favourite clothes 

Experiencing more energy & wellness so you can do all the things you want and love


      A step-by-step, choose-your-level program that teaches you why and how to make simple changes to your diet and lifestyle

      So you can lose weight & gain energy without counting calories, feeling hungry, or purchasing gimmicky diet products ever again.

      Learn WHY and HOW 

      to make simple, step-by-step changes to diet and lifestyle habits 

      in a healthy & sustainable way

      In 8 weeks, you'll learn step-by-step:

      Why typical calorie restriction diets and gimmicky diet products don't work, and what DOES work for healthy, long-lasting weight loss.

      The exact steps to help you balance metabolic hormones and reduce inflammation - which are the two keys to effective weight loss

      How to use regular food you can find at any grocery market to achieve your weight-loss goals, without feeling hungry or deprived.

      Exactly how to gain control over hunger, food cravings, & stress eating, so that your choices are no longer led by temptation or emotions.

      How to navigate restaurants, social functions, and parties with ease & what to say when people ask: "what are you doing? YOU LOOK GREAT!"

      Helpful guides to improve the efficiency of your physical movement, from beginner to advanced, written by a certified Kinesiologist

      This program is teeming with reliable and helpful information, delivered in bite-sized bits that are easy to digest!

      If I were to guide you through the information in this program one-on-one, you would easily be paying over $1500 for my time.

      This program gives you the important framework I give ALL MY CLIENTS at a very accessible price point for the level of information and positive change you'll experience.

      Meet Margarita

      This is her experience from taking the WellBalance Way program:

      I wondered initially how this program could work: no counting calories, not feeling hungry? I was skeptical, but I decided to give it a go.

      In the first 2 weeks, I lost 10 pounds, and I didn't feel hungry at all. The pain in my knee started to improve. I'm type 2 diabetic, and my sugars started going down. I was shocked actually. I used to avoid taking my sugar levels because they were always so high, but now I'm always looking because I'm excited to see how much better they get every day. 

      3 months later I was down 30 pounds, and the inflammation in my body has decreased immensely. My knee is so much better, I can do the treadmill 30 minutes straight now, which was an absolute no-go before I started the program. 

      By month 4, I was down 40 pounds. I'm still following the suggestions from the program, even over the holidays! I saw the doctor before Christmas and had my bloodwork done. He took me off my diabetic pills and cholesterol medication! I can't be more excited. This means more to me than any weight loss.

      This isn't a diet, this is learning a new way to do things. With these changes, I feel full and satisfied. I can enjoy a treat and not need to have the whole cake. I can last the whole morning after breakfast without searching for something to nibble on. I also feel so much more energetic. 

      The only downside about all this is that I need new smaller clothes, haha!

      3 Program Offerings:

      8-week group program


      • 8 weeks of Daily emails with information, recipes, & more
      • Admission to the private support group
      • Bonus content listed in the bonus section below

      One payment of

      $297 CAD

      I want the group program

      Personalized Transformation


      • Everything listed in the group program PLUS:
      • 5 one-on-one personalized monthly coaching calls with Michelle Dowker MSc, ND
      • 1 email response per week to any questions you have during the 8-week program
      • A 3-month paid subscription to Real Plans online meal-planning service for full payment option only

      $997 CAD

      (Save $190)

      I want the transformation

      Transformation Payment Plan


      • Everything listed in the group program PLUS:
      • 5 one-on-one personalized monthly coaching calls
      • 1 email response per week to any questions you have during the 8-week program

      4 monthly payments of 


      I want the payment plan

      Not Sure?

      If you'd like to speak to me first about whether the personalized transformation coaching program is a good fit, you can email me to set up a conversation at no charge to you.

      Please note there are only 10 spots available for the transformation coaching package. If this interests you, please contact me as soon as possible.

      Contact Michelle

      Corrie's experience:

      I took this program because I needed the knowledge of the WHYs and the HOWs in a manner that wasn't too overwhelming. I needed some scientifically-backed information beyond someone's "idea" of what's good or bad.
      I really liked the daily emails with information that built on previous knowledge, and I found the "step-by-step" method to be really beneficial.

      I also enjoyed that I didn't feel like I was being judged for choosing or not choosing one thing or another. It was educational but not judgmental. I didn't feel talked down to or singled out at all.

      Since taking the program, I'm more committed to eating properly, because I'm a lot more of aware of what I'm doing and why I'm making the decisions I am.

      Had I not taken this program, I would still be reading random information here and there, but not really understanding the science behind it, or even whether to trust it at all.
      I'd also still be struggling with my sugar addiction, and feeling continually frustrated because I was trying different things and was not having much success with any of them.

      How is this program different?

      • This isn't a one-size-fits all program with only one way of doing things. You learn exactly how to make the best choices for YOU, your body, and your needs. There is no judgement.

      • You don't just learn a protocol to follow, you learn WHY and HOW to make positive changes in a way that's easy to understand

      • You're not just given an overwhelming amount of information all at once. You're provided with bite-sized bits of guidance, strategically dosed in a way that's easy to digest and follow.

      • There are no products to buy, the information provided teaches you how to use regular, whole food you can access at any grocery store, local market, or even your own backyard!

      Heather's Story:

      I had gained over 20 pounds in the year since I gave birth to my child, and nothing in my diet or activity levels had changed. I was starting to feel frustrated that my clothes weren't fitting. I didn't understand why I was gaining weight. 

      I didn't have the motivation to research the way food and digestion works on my own. The program provided a comprehensive look at eating, digestion, and overall wellness. It gave it to me line upon line rather than in a format that was too overwhelming. 

      I enjoyed the fact that I was able to eat tasty, yet healthy foods and in large quantities while being able to see results. I'm really pleased with how I am not hungry between meals and how I'm not as easily tempted by junk food.

      I've learned the science behind healthy eating, and have had someone to be accountable to. I've successfully lost the 20 pounds I gained from my pregnancy.

      Had I not taken this program, I would be at least 30 pounds heavier now, I would probably have had to buy bigger clothes, and I would be on the same path as many of my family members who have type 2 diabetes.

      Now I feel like the boss of me!

      Start of program

      4 months later

      Some of the modules include:

      • How to cut back on sugar and ultra-processed food, step-by-step
      • Get control over your food cravings easily
      • Learn the Foundations and Principles of the Mediterranean diet, Paleolithic diet, low-carbohydrate diet, and ketogenic diet, and decide which way works for you
      • Figure out which foods work best for YOU and your body, and how to do it, step-by-step
      • Understand and conquer stress eating and emotional eating
      • Confidence building 101
      • Choosing the physical movement plan that will work best for your metabolism
      • Improve your quality of sleep
      • Stress management tools and techniques
      • AND MORE!

      How the program is set up:

      • You'll receive one email a day for 8 weeks, that contains a bite-sized bit of information along with an audio recording so you can listen along. 
        • In the email, you'll receive either an action suggestion, activity, mini-assessment, or recipe suggestions to help you reinforce what you learned.
      • At the end of each 2-week module, you'll receive a summary booklet, and a self-assessment checklist to help you determine what steps you want to try first, and figure out what's working best for you
      • I will conduct a live Q&A group coaching session at the end of each 2-week module to answer your questions and give you support (4 total). 
        • You can send in your questions or ask them live during the call. 
        • You'll get a recording of the video so you can watch it whenever you want. 

      For the personal transformation program:

      • You'll get everything outlined above from the base 8-week group coaching program
      • You'll also receive 5 monthly one-on-one coaching calls up to 90 minutes each, with Michelle Dowker MSc, ND to help you troubleshoot and achieve your goals more quickly and easily.
      • During the 8 week program, you can email your questions and challenges to Michelle, and she will provide 1 weekly email response in between coaching calls. 

      There are also some great Bonuses!

      All participants will receive:

      Mastermind Presentation Trio

      Recordings from 3 most popular live presentations: ($45 value): 

      - Sugar: How & why to cut back

      - Breakfast: How & why to optimize your first meal to optimize your day

      - Dietary fat: Which are actually good?

      Nutrient-Dense, Protein-Rich Recipes Book

      Filled with delicious whole-food recipes to help you optimize nutrients while reducing hunger and food cravings. 

      Choose the offering that suits you best:

      8-Week Group coaching program

      Access the 8-week email program with private Facbeook group access, as well as the bonuses listed above.

      One payment of

      $297 CAD

      I want the group program

      Personalized Transformation

      Get the 8-week  program PLUS: 5 monthly one-on-one coaching sessions and weekly email support. When you pay in full you also receive 3 months of paid Real Plans meal planning service.

      One payment of

      $997 CAD

      (Save $190)

      I want the transformation

      Personal Transformation Payment Plan

      Get the 8-week  program 

      PLUS: 5 monthly one-on-one coaching sessions and weekly email support. 

      4 monthly payments of

      $297 CAD

      I want the payment plan

      Learn even more about the program:

      More participant experiences:


      The information I learned will stand me in good stead as I go on to change the bad habits I have developed over the years. Knowledge is power!

      I enjoyed that Michelle shared her thoughts and research without being "preachy", and I appreciated that she wasn't pushing any products. 

      Her goal was to influence us in a positive way, that it is manageable to change our lives over time. 

      I really liked the fact that there were daily bits of communication, and that the information is up-to-date. 


      I was hesitant at first because I thought "not another weight loss program". I was reluctant to put more money into my never ending battle. I have been trying on my own with no success.

      I really enjoyed the daily emails. It was a lot of helpful knowledge that was fed to us a bit at a time so it wasn't overwhelming. 

      I also enjoyed that although I received a lot of information, it's up to me what I decide to do with that knowledge, I didn't feel any pressure. 

      "Thank you so much, Michelle. Your program is making a difference in my life."


      I really enjoyed the daily emails. I didn't think at first I would like them, but I ended up looking forward to the information provided. 

      I feel like I have received a good education from this program. I am more able to speak about my issues and discuss them with others.

      I feel that this education I received from a professional and the positive changes I experienced was worth the investment

      About the Presenters:

      Michelle Dowker MSc, ND

      My name is Michelle Dowker, I am a wellness strategist, dietary advisor, and life habits coach with an educational background as a Naturopathic Doctor.

      I help people learn how to eat better and live better so they can feel better. Simple changes can make all the difference, and it can be done step-by-step.

      I’ve done a deep dive into up-to-date scientific research. Combined with practical experience with both myself and with my clients, I can say that I’ve put together something reliable, helpful, and informative - explained in a way that’s easy to understand.

      I’ll explain to you the exact steps that will help you balance your hormones and reduce inflammation so that you can let go of unwanted weight, gain energy, and just feel better. 

      You’ll learn exactly what you need to do to start feeling confident about your choices, so you’ll feel confident in your clothes!

      I hope you'll join me!

      Carla Portolese, BSc

      With a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from UQAC and a member of the Federation of Quebec Kinesiologists, Carla Portolese has over 7 years of experience in physical rehabilitation. 

      Having worked with a clientele suffering from risk factors (hypertension, overweight/obesity, sedentary lifestyle), chronic diseases (pulmonary, cardiovascular and diabetes diseases) and musculoskeletal disorders, she was able to see and measure all the benefits of adopting a healthy and active lifestyle.

      Her passion for health and healthy living makes her want to help everyone feel the benefits of an active lifestyle, both physical and psychological. Her clients describe her as a dynamic, social and human person who cares about health and the pleasure of moving.

      Carla has contributed very valuable information, tips, and tricks to the program to help you incorporate movement into your life to improve your wellness and your weight loss efforts, step-by-step. Her contributions have been translated from the original program that was delivered in French

      Frequently Asked Questions


      My name is Michelle Dowker, I am a Wellness Strategist with an educational background as a Naturopathic Doctor. I hold 3 post-secondary degrees that took 10 years to complete: a bachelor of science in biomedical science, a Master of science in human biology and nutritional science, and a Naturopathic Doctor diploma. 

      I am passionate about keeping up-to-date on the latest nutritional and physiology research. I can see what works and what doesn’t from scientific research results, and also in a practical manner from my current private wellness coaching practice and past experience as a licensed Naturopathic Doctor. If you would like to learn more about me, my education, credentials, and my approach, feel free to visit my about me page.


      This program is unique, in that it is a step-by-step, choose-your-level approach. I have seen from experience that everyone who follows at least some of the steps set out in this program will see some sort of benefit, whether it be weight loss, improved energy levels, less pain, better digestion, more confidence, and more. Of course, the more steps you try, the more improvement you are likely to experience. 

      This is not a magic pill, therefore you are required to make the changes yourself. You can do them as quickly or as slowly as you like, and as little or as many changes as you want. Any positive change to diet and lifestyle is better than not making any changes at all!

      I do offer a 30-day guarantee: If you have tried all the suggestions provided in the first 30 days of the program (and can show me that you've tried), and have not found ANY benefit in how you feel, I will refund you the price of the 8-week program (and any unused one-on-one coaching time if applicable). I am so sure this program can help you improve your wellness, that I'm willing to make this promise. Of course, you have to be willing to try the suggestions!


      The WellBalance Way weight loss & wellness program is designed for people who want to optimize their weight and wellness by making positive adjustments to diet and lifestyle. 

      If you're sick of gimmicky diet programs with shakes, bars, pills, starvation, and limiting calories, this program has none of that. If you're ready to learn, and willing to make adjustments to your dietary and lifestyle habits, even if those changes are small step-by-step adjustments, this program can give you the knowledge, guidance, and encouragement you're looking for. 

      This program is NOT for people looking for a quick-fix or a magic pill to do all the work. If you're not willing to make any adjustments at all, even tiny adjustments one step at a time, I would say that this program won't fit the bill.


      As soon as you purchase the program (whether you choose the basic 8-week group coaching or personalized transformation one-on-one coaching), you will immediately be given a link to download a welcome guide with some starting instructions. You'll also soon receive a welcome email with more detailed information and instructions, so you won't ever feel like you don't know what's going on!

      Starting on Monday, February 4, 2019, you'll receive the day 1 email with a bite-sized bit of information to start the program (which also includes an audio recording so you can listen along!), and you'll receive an email a day for the 8-week duration of the program. 

      If you've chosen the personalized transformation program, I'll be in touch with you soon over email to schedule your first one-on-one coaching call.


      It takes about 10 minutes to read each email, so it doesn't take a huge chunk of time! Q&A group coaching calls typically last between 20 to 45 minutes, depending on the number of questions asked. 

      You'll receive access to the video recording, so even if you can't make it live, you can always watch the Q&A session on your own time. You can always email your questions to me ahead of time and I'll answer them in the video coaching session.



      The program is delivered to you via a daily email containing a bite-sized bit of information over the course of 8 weeks. At the end of each 2-week module, you will also be sent a summary booklet containing all the information contained in the emails. 

      You can save all of your emails in a folder in your email program, and you can reference them at any time you want now or in the future. As well, you can download the PDF summary booklets to your computer, and you will have them as your reference whenever you need them - now and always!


      The value, guidance, and support in this program are unlike any other. I have put long hours into putting this program together, taking care to include vital information that I share with every one of my one-on-one coaching clients

      If I were to share all of this with you during one-on-one sessions, you would be paying A LOT more than the advertised price for me to teach you the amount of information contained in this program. In addition to the valuable step-by-step information you receive, you get access to guidance and support from me in the private Facebook group and live Q&A group coaching calls. 

      Future offerings of this program with group coaching and all the bonuses will not be available at this current price. I may offer a version of this program broken down into smaller pieces in the future at a similar or lower price-point, but if you want everything that is contained in this program with all of its bonuses, I guarantee that you will never see it for this low of a price again.

      As for the personalized transformation package, my one-on-one services along with weekly email responses are bundled at a special price for this program. In addition, the fact that you'll be receiving valuable information from the program means that I won't have to spend time during our one-on-one sessions explaining that information. That means there will be more productive time available during your sessions for us create even MORE positive transformation for you!


      You can email me at with any questions or concerns you may have about this program.


      Take comfort in my 30-day guarantee!

      If you try every step suggested in the first 4 weeks of the program, and you do not experience some sort of benefit, be it improved energy, better sleep, better digestion, less pain, or some weight loss, you can email and I'll give you a refund for the 8-week group coaching program and any unused one-on-one coaching session time (if applicable).

      Please note you must try the steps laid out in the first 30 days of the program, and provide proof that you have. I am so certain that you will find benefit from trying the steps that I am willing to refund your money if you don’t experience some benefit. However, you must try the steps in order for it to work!

      (Note: I've had people convinced they were going to take me up on this guarantee, only to find by the end of the 30 days that they couldn't...because they had experienced so many positive results!)

      Choose the offering that works best for you:

      8-Week Group coaching program

      Access the 8-week email program with access to the private Facebook group support, and the bonuses listed above.

      One payment of

      $297 CAD

      I want the group program

      Personalized Transformation

      Get the 8-week program PLUS: 5 monthly one-on-one coaching sessions and weekly email support. When you pay in full you also receive 3 months of paid Real Plans meal planning service.


      One payment of

      $997 CAD

      ($190 savings)

      I want the transformation

      Personal Transformation Payment Plan

      Get the 8-week program PLUS: 5 monthly one-on-one coaching sessions and weekly email support. 


      4 monthly payments of

      $297 CAD

      I want the payment plan

      What people said after taking the original program I had offered in French: 

      (translated from French):

      “Day after day, I made great discoveries! I learned one step at a time how my body worked, what could happen with certain choices. I did not think there was so much sugar everywhere!”

      “It’s easy for me to eat well now. I do not see food in the same way anymore."

      “Now I make healthy choices and I love what I eat! It’s not easy to change your habits but to realize that it makes me feel good and even more, it tastes good, it makes all the difference!”

      “Having a lot of energy makes a difference. And that’s what I found, energy, since I eat well now. Satiety! And as a bonus, I lose weight!”

      “I realize that when I have found my healthy weight, it will be very easy to maintain, because I changed my eating habits. Thank you very much for this beautiful learning!”

      “Thank you very much for this program which for once explains to us the how and why. And not an endless series of restrictive recipes.”

      “After doing Mincavi, Weight Watchers, Beautiful and Slim … and so on, I think that your program meets me the most. No need to buy a thousand and one products, we find all that we need in grocery stores.”

      “What I like about the program is that I do not feel deprived because everything is done gently”

      *All testimonials are real and represent real people who followed the steps outlined in the WellBalance Way program. Results may vary.


      The information in this program is of a general nature and is for educational purposes only.

      The information is not intended to constitute advice for a specific situation or to replace the information provided by your medical doctor, naturopathic doctor, pharmacist and/or other health professional. It is not intended or implied to substitute for professional medical advice and is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure a disease.

      You should not stop using your medications without specific instruction from your health care provider, and use all recommendations in this program at your own risk. Do not neglect professional medical advice or delay seeking professional advice because of something you have learned in this program. We provide education only. If you develop symptoms, consult a health care practitioner immediately. 

      By accessing this program, you agree to abide by this disclaimer as well as the WellBalance website disclaimer.

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